Choose Your Own Adventure 

Each of our multi-day trips is custom designed.     Here's what else makes us unique. 

Passengers hike in an isolated fjord on Seward Alaska Boat Tours with Alaska Fjord Charters

You'll go where most Alaska boat tours (and tourists) don't. 

Hidden coves. Remote beaches. Cascading waterfalls. The rugged coastline of Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park is full of these treasures, yet most visitors to the Kenai Fjords will only see a small fraction of them. Why? Day trips are typically operated using larger boats—carrying upwards of 200 people—and must adhere to a rigid schedule.

Our three-day expeditions from Seward, Alaska, are designed for maximum flexibility, so you can spend more time enjoying the experiences that are most meaningful to you. Maybe you'll find yourself mesmerized by towering glaciers and want to spend extra time kayaking through a lagoon studded with blue icebergs. Perhaps the Kenai Fjords Wildlife will be your thing and you'll discover a fascination with breaching humpback whales. Or maybe your family could use some extra time on the beach, hunting for sea glass between s'mores. 

Our only agenda is ensuring that your group has the trip of your dreams. 

Your vessel, the Darby, was also designed for maximum versatility. At 38 feet, she can comfortably navigate any inclement weather that may arise, while being nimble enough to anchor in secluded coves that would be impossible for larger tour boats. We also travel with an inflatable motorboat to ensure that your party can go ashore or explore lagoons on a whim. 

You'll have the best possible chance of experiencing Kenai Fjords wildlife.

Kenai Fjords National Park is vibrant ecosystem, perhaps best known for the marine mammals the park was created to protect: sea otters, harbor seals, Steller sea lions, Dall's porpoise, orcas, fin whales, gray whales, humpback whales and more. 

The area is also home to an incredible array of land mammals, from marmots to moose. You'll become skilled at scanning the coastlines and mountains for black bears, mountain goats, river otters, wolverines and other critters. 

Last but not least, Kenai Fjords is a birder's paradise. Bald eagles, black oystercatchers, murrelets, murres, peregrine falcons, puffins (horned and tufted), and Red-faced cormorants abound just to name a few. 

Captain Colin is a skilled naturalist with an uncanny ability to spot wildlife in the fjords. No matter what's on your wildlife wish list, give yourself the best possible chance to experience this rich Alaskan ecosystem on a multi-day trip. 

A pod of Orcas surface on Seward Alaska Boat Tours with Alaska Fjord Charters

A sample of the delicious meals you will be served on Seward Alaska Boat Tours with Alaska Fjord Charters

You'll enjoy hearty portions of fresh, delicious food.

Extraordinary adventures deserve extraordinary fuel. We're proud to serve home made Alaskan meals by a professional cook. Our menus emphasize locally-sourced ingredients, including wild-caught fish—including salmon and rockfish caught only hours before dinner—plus berries, wildflowers, and sea vegetables that we collect by hand. For those who are interested, our chef is happy to teach you how to filet your catch or show you how to forage along the coastline for edible and medicinal plants. 

Also on the menu are items like hearty soup, grilled steak, and tasty sandwiches. Our chef skillfully accommodates a range of personal preferences and special diets, including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, paleo and keto.  

We typically serve a full breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, with tasty snacks throughout the day. Alcohol is not included, but you may bring aboard your own beer, wine and spirits. 

Our guests often report that the chef's delicious Alaskan food is one of the highlights of their trip!

Kayaking at the foot of a glacier - just one of the many adventures available on our Seward Alaska Boat Tours

You'll play—or relax—at your own pace.   

Kenai Fjords National Park offers endless opportunities for outdoor recreation: kayaking, hiking, and fishing are just a few ways to actively experience this incredible place. Unlike trips that are focused on one specific activity—such as fishing charters or kayaking trips—we supply gear for multiple activities on our boat tours, so you can enjoy a little of everything. All of our gear is suitable for all skill levels. 

Had enough glacier kayaking for one day? Head up to the fly bridge to soak up the sun, or play cards in the Darby's comfortable cabin. Recovering from a day on the water? Take a stroll on a remote beach or hop in the inflatable boat with Captain Colin to explore a hidden lagoon. There's no need to make any hard-and-fast decisions ahead of time. You simply set the pace based on how you're feeling throughout the day. 

Want to bring your own gear, such as inflatable stand-up paddle boards or packrafts? The Darby has plenty of space to accommodate most types of gear. We'll be happy to tailor your itinerary around your favorite activities. 

Looks like fun? Ready to explore coastal Alaska in 2019?