Do I need a fishing license?

Yes, you will need to purchase a fishing license at the Fish House in Seward before you get on the Darby if you want to fish. Check out the latest prices below:


Will I get sea sick?

This depends on your responsiveness to motion sickness but usually the conditions are mellow during our summer months in the Gulf of Alaska. We do our very best to pick the calmest cruising options available each day. If you have a tendency to "feed the fishes", then I would suggest taking something to prevent motion sickness so you can enjoy this adventure.

Are the sea conditions rough all the time?

No. We monitor the sea conditions on a continuous basis and strive to provide the safest trip possible for everyone.

Do I need a rain jacket and rain pants?

Yes. Even if it doesn’t rain, having a layer that breaks the wind will make your time out on the water a lot more comfortable.

What clothes should I bring?

Layers. Lots of layers. Preferably not cotton. A warm hat, gloves, and a warm jacket are advisable. Just the same time, you might want a swim suit, to take a dip under the midnight sun. We have rubber calf high boots for your use to go ashore or use in the kayaks so you don’t have to pack any.

Are beer, wine, and spirits provided free during the trip?

No, you must provide your own. There are multiple places in town and near the harbor to purchase your supplies.

What is the best time to view wildlife?

From early May to the first of September is the best time to view marine wildlife. Often we get good opportunities to see Orca's from mid May to mid June and occasionally during summer fish runs. Humpback whales usually show up by mid May and stay until the end of August. A variety of birds show up at the end of May and stay until mid August generally.